Week 20 : The Nuke . By Adam

I woke up at seven o clock. It was a normal day, or so I thought.

I was six when it started. The alarm went off and every body started to run. I was running for my life. We were all going to Fallout 11. Fallout 11 was a bunker for nukes or bombs.

It was crowded. Most people could not get in. They forced people to back up to leave me and other important people in.

BOOM. The bomb went off. We could see the fire coming from the nuke on the horizon. We were going down the elevator.

I forgot one thing…

6 thoughts on “Week 20 : The Nuke . By Adam”

  1. I think a sequel would be a great choice. It seems mysterious because I’m wondering what he left behind. His family maybe?

  2. This is an exciting piece of writing. It raises lots of questions in the reader’s mind: Who sent the bomb? Who got into the bunker and who was left outside? What had the main character forgotten? When would they be able to come out of the bunker? Thinking further ahead, how would life be organised in the bunker? Who would be in charge?
    This is definitely a story with a lot of mileage in it! You could turn it into a big book!

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