Week 20: Thanks To Dwayne By Adam

We were moving very fast when the boat hit a rock and we started to sink. Suddenly I saw another ship. Sometime later I saw a helicopter. I started to wave my hands they didn’t see us but the ship did. They came straight to our aid.

“Thanks, Dwayne,” I said.

He replied, ” no problem it’s my job to keep the sea safe. I wonder how did this prize boat sink?”

We had to plan a hotel randezvous  because builders thought we were gone forever so they annihilated our house. But instead Dwayne said we could live in his mansion and in the end we were all happy.

4 thoughts on “Week 20: Thanks To Dwayne By Adam”

  1. I enjoyed your story Adam. It has a little flavour of ‘Titanic’ about it – I think because it was a shock that the ship in your story sank (despite it being a prize one) – just like the Titanic being unsinkable!

  2. Well done Adam.
    It sounds like it all turned out well in the end.
    You must have been gone a long time if the builders moved in to annihilate your house?

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