Week 20 The tunnel by Liam A

It was a bright sunny day. My Mom and Dad called me into the kitchen and asked if I wanted to have a friend over. I wanted to get Conor over and we decided to go to the park.

We spent a lot of time there and eventually did a race around the park.  We were moving very fast when we saw a fire in the distance.  We ran as fast as possible to see what it was?

All we saw was fire and smoke.  It was at my house.  I went in to save my parents.

But was it too late?

3 thoughts on “Week 20 The tunnel by Liam A”

  1. Oh No Liam!!!! I was really enjoying the ‘feel good’ factor of your story. You opened it really nicely by describing a ‘bright sunny day’. Then you went on to tell us about a fun day at the park with your friend Conor. I really wasn’t expecting that ending! I really do hope your parents were saved…

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