Week 20 Twin Towers by Aidan

“This is one is my offices – pretty nice, huh?  – I got all my trophies on the table…”

So far this had been boring. I knew I shouldn’t have come with my mum and dad for a tour of the Twin towers. Suddenly I heard a noise. I looked out the window and there seemed to be something in the sky but as it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was as it was going too fast


I looked across to the tower opposite us and saw a plane lobbed in its side. “Dad, Mum  -we have to go – it looks like a terrorist attack, ” I shouted.

“Oh don’t be silly Darling, it was just an accident,” said my mum.

I didn’t care what she said I had to get out of there…

One thought on “Week 20 Twin Towers by Aidan”

  1. Aidan,

    I like your piece and the topic you choose to write about. there was a lot of o detail and suspense. I like how you choose a true story. good job!


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