Week 20 By Wojciech The Titanic

One nice day we were waiting for the Titanic. I was really excited when the Titanic was finally there. We went to eat something and went to sleep.

The next frosty morning I tried to rendezvous with my friend from another room and it didn’t work as my mum called me back.  After a while, we went to the games room and played.

We were moving very fast when the ship hit the iceberg the water started to come inside the Titanic. The Titanic sank.  We had a lifeboat and eventually got to the other ship. We were safe.

5 thoughts on “Week 20 By Wojciech The Titanic”

  1. Hi Wojciech,

    This is a really nice piece, a great use of the prompt! The prompt is an opening that describes how you were moving very fast. While you don’t use the prompt immediately, you describe the familiar setting of the Titanic’s voyage and it’s heart wrenching demise. By letting the plot be known in the first sentence, being on the Titanic, you create a structure which gives the piece stability. Using this makes the reader feel attached to the piece, and makes them more engaged. This makes the piece interesting right from the start. This topic of the Titanic is one that many will be familiar with, even in their own personal lives, as I’m sure most people have heard of it at some point in there lives. This makes it very relatable to the reader. This makes the reader imagine such a visual description of the setting as a whole. I can relate to this as I am interested in the Titanic, loving both the history of it itself and even the movie! By explaining clearly the atmosphere, such as the nice day, you engage with the reader. You use imagery which fits perfectly with the setting. Bringing in specific information like how you went to meet up with your friend demonstrates great imagination and is very fitting in the setting. This puts the reader in the front of the story, and this really makes you focus on the piece. The piece suddenly turns to more worrying, when you recount the familiar tale of the ship hitting the iceberg. With people jumping off the ship and mayhem all around, you end the piece by stating that you were safe on a lifeboat, giving a sense of relief to the reader in the ending. Good use of grammar and punctuation too, especially your use of sentencing. Keep up the good work!

  2. Phew! I’m so glad you were one of the lucky ones on board the ill fated Titanic. I really like when true life events are used with the prompt for the 100 wc. It shows your interest in a particular subject. Well done.

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