Week 20 World war By Kacper

Hi there, I’m Daniel and I’m telling a story of when I was in a war with the Germans.

It was the year 1105 when we were fighting with the Germans.  My friend and I were looking for the German base but on our way, we found a German soldier.

He was in a tank. We were moving very fast when … BOOM –  Luckily he missed us.  We got past him and got to the German base where their leader and his army had a rendezvous. When we went inside we got kidnapped. Then there was an explosion and our side was back in the lead.

Eventually, we got their leader and sent him to prison.

4 thoughts on “Week 20 World war By Kacper”

  1. Hi Kacper. I really enjoyed your story this week. I got caught up in the whole atmosphere of the war. I’m so glad you weren’t hit by that tank. I’m loving the word ‘rendezvous’ too!

  2. Hello Kacper,
    The plot of your story is clear and follows in an understandable sequence. You did a good job keeping your events in order.
    The tank and the explosion gave the story excitement. Being kidnapped also added danger to your piece.
    One way to make your writing even better would be to add some adjectives to your story. Descriptive words help paint pictures in your readers minds.
    Thank you for sharing your writing,
    Gina Ruffcorn (Team 100, Iowa USA)

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