Week 21 A Close Call by Joe

“Why though? ” said David. Dad was in shock. He was speechless. But then Mum came in. “You are going because you said you wanted to,” shouted Mum.   “Not with granny Margaret, ” he replied.  He was so annoyed and ran to the park.

As the day went on he realised there was no getting out of it…

“What was that?” he thought. It was coming closer. There it was – the evil doctor Bob and he was turning all of the yoga people into trees.

In the end, David got turned into a tree too.

Well, perhaps it was better than staying with granny Margaret.

4 thoughts on “Week 21 A Close Call by Joe”

  1. Oh dear! Granny Margaret sounds like a terror! She must be really bad!
    Your opening dialogue is excellent. You draw the reader right into the drama and make them wonder what’s going on.
    Great work this week Joe. Very well done.
    Ms Brennock

  2. I feel the same as Avril on this one – Poor Granny Margaret!
    Your story was the only story so far to make me LAUGH this week -so great work – Well done Joe!

  3. Poor Granny Margaret!!! Surely a day with granny has to be better than being turned into a tree??? I hope this was all a bad dream for David.

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