Week 21 Falling By Shane F

Scared, nervous, frightened I nervously walked onto the plane taking us to France. It was World War two and we were flying over a town near Paris. As we flew closer we heard more gunshots; they were like a lions roar. I glanced over to see the five other planes to our right .

“GET READY TO JUMP,” the captain shouted angrily.

Suddenly all the lights went out and I could see smoke coming from the engine. I heard the captain roar,  ” JUMP JUMP!”

And as the plane fell we all jumped as fast as we could. I saw other men falling without their parachute. As I opened my parachute four bullets hit it and my gun slapped me in the face…After that,  I was just falling to my inevitable death…

4 thoughts on “Week 21 Falling By Shane F”

  1. Hi Shane

    A super piece of writing this week. My class often like to set their 100wc pieces in world war 2, I think it creates such powerful images for both the author and the reader.

    I love your language choices and your choice of phrases, it makes for a very emotive piece, and the use of a short piece of speech brings it to life.

    Miss T
    Stockbridge, England

  2. Shane,
    We liked that you didn’t use the word ‘said’. You were very descriptive with your language, ‘lion’s roar’ really impressed us. We thought your word choice of ‘inevitable’ was very effective at the end.

    Well done!
    Ms Wall’s Class

  3. Super work this week Shane- well done!
    You’ve captured this horrific moment well giving us no hope of your survival.
    Any chance your fall might be broken by a tree?

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