Week 21, Goodbye Granda, By Bryan

It was a Thursday. I was sitting in class when my mother came to the door. She asked if I could leave early and explained what had happened to my teacher.

We arrived home and my brothers and Dad were sitting on the couch. My Dad explained what had happened.

“Granda has taken a turn and only has a few days left in him.”

They were the very words. Me, my Mom, Dad and 2 brothers started bawling crying. We ended up in the hospital for the next few days.

Suddenly all the lights went out and Granda died on the Saturday.

A hero never to be forgotten.

6 thoughts on “Week 21, Goodbye Granda, By Bryan”

  1. Losing someone you love like your Granda is always difficult, Bryan.
    I think the important thing is to remember all the good times you had together.
    Those memories are precious and should be always cherished.
    Your Granda was a hero and will never be forgotten.
    Super work this week- well done!

  2. What a terribly sad story, Bryan. It’s always a hard time when someone you love leaves forever. I loved – absolutely loved – your last line. I think it’s one of the best lines I’ve ever read in a 100 Word Challenge story. Well done and keep up the great work.

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