Week 21 In Honour By Szymon

Boom! Exploded another bomb.

A group of men was moving very fast when one of them saw one of their enemies. Straight away one of their allies shot their enemy. They were planning to deploy a bomb at the enemy base and blow up all of the injured men and the enemy’s captain. One of the men got shot but carried on. When they reached the enemy base they deployed the bomb. They put the timer to five minutes and started running away. It blew up but tragically all the men died.

They had statues built in honour of their braveness.

6 thoughts on “Week 21 In Honour By Szymon”

  1. Really great story Szymon! I loved how you started with the “Boom!” of the bomb exploding to really grab the reader’s attention, and your plot line was very clever and interesting. It was a shame to read that all the men were killed when the bomb blew up, but it was nice to see that statues were built in honour of their braveness. Your story had great description and grammar too, very well done!

  2. Hi Szymon
    This was an original idea and I like the way you were inspired by the prompt but took the story in your own direction. I was shocked that the people died at the end, usually stories have a happy ending.
    Miss T
    Stockbridge, Hampshire

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