Week 21 Night ninjas by Colin

The night trees look sweet but inside they are bitter. They move around at night and attack about 70 people too. The biggest fear is the hazardous stench off them. At day time they look like they are doing yoga or Kung-fu.

One day a child went over and started climbing the trees. He asked his mom could he get a picture with the trees. His mom said yes so they got a picture. The boy gave them all names. After that something hit the trees hard. IT was that humans were actually nice! The boy said "bye" and skipped off in joy. 

3 thoughts on “Week 21 Night ninjas by Colin”

  1. I enjoyed your story this week Colin – well done!
    It shows the POWER of kindness and goodness and the effect it has on others …in this case on trees!
    Good work.

  2. Hi Colin. I’m really glad that the bitter trees turned out to be sweet afterall! I hope they stopped their night time terror attacks on humans after that!

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