Week 21 The Plane crash by Laurynas

” Please sit down and fasten your seatbelts –  we’re experiencing a bit of a wind turbulence,” said the pilot to his passengers.

Confused and a little bit worried I sat down and looked around to see people whispering about what was going on. I was going to fly to Spain for a holiday but I didn’t know that the weather was that bad.

The pilot’s voice sounded again but in the middle of his sentence, he screeched. Suddenly all the lights went out and everyone was scared and worried by now. I looked out the window and noticed that the plane was flying lower and lower.

Eventually, it hit me at the last moment ……. we were going to CRASH.

6 thoughts on “Week 21 The Plane crash by Laurynas”

  1. Your story unsettled me a bit this week, Laurynas. I’m glad I’m not planning a flight anywhere anytime soon.
    Super work this week. Well done!

  2. Wow! You’ve done a great job describing how terrifying those final moments must feel like. I don’t mind flying, but I rather short journeys to long distance. I liked when you said you were going to Spain for a holiday, but didn’t realise the weather was going to be that bad! It made me laugh.

  3. YIKES! That’s a terrifying story that you’ve written this week, Laurynas. I can’t imagine what that feeling must be like – I don’t like the turbulence when I’m on a plane but I’d really not like to see the plane getting lower. The lights going out would probably finish me off! Terrific work this week, keep up the SUPER work!

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