Week 21 Running from a Murderer by Julius.

Hungry cold and tired I struggled to walk to the top of the mountain. I could not walk any further I so decided to get some rest so I could get up early the next day.

I walked into the woods to get some more firewood until I noticed a light  In the distance. After getting really close to the light I saw a tall stern man and a dead body next to it.

I ran quietly back to get my stuff and ran quickly down the Mountain.

After a few minutes, I looked behind me and saw that he was chasing me. I could see a light in the distance and suddenly all the lights went out…


10 thoughts on “Week 21 Running from a Murderer by Julius.”

  1. Hey Julius!!WOW what a cool story.I really like the mystery and excitement in your story and I would love to read more!

  2. Hi Julius.
    amazing story.
    this reminds me of a movie that i watched with my dad.
    where you really hungry?

  3. Hey Julius,
    I liked your story, if I was
    you I would bring my Katana and kill wolf
    for food. I would proubly check what was the light as well.
    Good job and keep it up.
    By Kacper

  4. Well done Julius.
    Great story.
    Did the man ever catch you?
    I love that word ‘stern’.
    Great story.
    David 5th.

  5. Yikes! That’s a terrifying story that you’ve written this week Julius! Did the lights actually go out, or have you used that as a term for someone losing consciousness? Either way, that’s quite a cliffhanger that you’ve written there! Keep up the awesome writing!

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