Week 21 : The Lost Teddy By Kacper

There was a teddy which was lost. His owner was a four year old girl called Annie. Her birthday was only 3 months ago and she got a new toy. So the teddy ran away  because he did not like the new toy. He was traveling until he found a road not far from the farm he came from.

While he was on the road he nearly got hit by a huge truck. He had thought he would get ripped. He was in a panic, when all of a sudden a little boy with a blue shirt ran and picked him up. After that he was taken home and was happy again.

2 thoughts on “Week 21 : The Lost Teddy By Kacper”

  1. Kia ora Kacper. Well done – I really enjoyed your 100 Word Challenge. Your word choices add detail that make your work interesting to read. And I can see that you’ve paid attention to punctuation and spelling, which really helps your writing to flow clearly. Keep up the super writing Kacper!

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