Week 21 The old zoo By Sean

There is an old zoo in Ireland . My friends and I were going  to the old zoo . We heard that there were still animals there . When we got there It was all dusty and the door was pink . When we went inside we heard singing – it was so painful . We got closer and closer  . Then we saw a giraffe singing a song . A giraffe actually sang a song . When I turned around a ghost appeared .

“We have not seen a person in years” said the ghost .

“What have you been these past few years?” .

“Keeping these animals alive “said the ghost.

“Leave now “said the ghost.

So my friend and I left and never came back .

3 thoughts on “Week 21 The old zoo By Sean”

  1. Hi Sean,

    I really liked your story this week.
    My favorite part was probably when the giraffe started singing.
    How did you come up with this idea?
    Make sure you keep up the great work.

    From Jessica H

  2. Dear Sean,
    Good take on the story line. Apart from a couple of sentence restructuring and grammar usage that needs a re look, its a nice attempt.

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