Week 21 The Strange Man By Joe

It was a warm summer evening . The sky was pink and the birds sang  . My friends and I were going out to a concert in the Dusty Inn . It was our first time at a concert . The concert was great, he sang our favourite song, Painful .

We were on the way home when we saw a hooded man in a giraffe patterned hoodie standing in the shadows . It was strange but we decided to ignore it .

About ten minutes later we looked back and he was there again . We started running until we got home .

One thought on “Week 21 The Strange Man By Joe”

  1. Kia ora Joe. Well done, what a great 100 Word Challenge you’ve written! I really like the way you’ve used this week’s prompt, and the way you’ve structured your story is wonderful – with a clear beginning, middle and end. Super job Joe – keep up the excellent writing!

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