Week 21 WOOD NINJA by Kacper

Was this the end for me?

I was going to the park and I saw this creature. I asked him” who are you?” “I’m the wood ninja. ” I asked could I be one and he said he would teach me.

I was happy.  Then he said to me that I had to go and defeat a monster.As  I was going up a hill I felt that was the end (of me). I was bad at fighting but got better and better and I defeated him. I was happy and went home.  My master was happy too and we ate pizza.

4 thoughts on “Week 21 WOOD NINJA by Kacper”

  1. Hi Kacper, I really like the idea of the tree being a ninja tree. I especially like the ending when you ate pizza. Nothing like a really good pizza with a refreshing glass of cold white lemonade 😉

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