Week 22 The Christmas Day Truce! By Calum

It was Christmas day and the war had been going on for a few months now. Everyone felt miserable and sad because their families were back home. Suddenly the Germans emerged waving a white flag. We decided to go towards the Germans and see what they were doing.

Surprisingly we all decided to have a truce. Later on that day one of the British soldiers got a ball and we had a game of soccer. It was Britain against Germany but in a game of soccer. The joy on everyone’s face was delightful and the sound of laughter was wonderful. For a few hours, everyone forgot about the war and we all became good friends. The game ended 5-3 with the British winning but that didn’t really matter.

But then the time came and we all had to go back. It was the most fun everyone had had since the war started.

24 thoughts on “Week 22 The Christmas Day Truce! By Calum”

  1. Hi Calum your story this week was very good well done. congratulations on getting showcase. It must have been sad for the people going back to war after. It reminds me of the book War Horse. Well done, Kallum.

  2. Nice story Callum,
    This reminds me of Warhorse.
    If you didn’t watch it you should. Did the war completely end after Christmas or did everybody fight again?
    You should make more stories like this.
    Keep it up.

  3. Hi Carolyn
    Such a great story,I always new that you have a strong imaginative brain for story’s.
    I really hope you and you brain keep up the good work and maybe by the time you should be improving a lot.
    Mrs Boyce class

  4. Hi Calum.
    I really liked your story because the people were in the war were sad and that the Germans waved a white flag and they went up and had truce with the British and The German and had a game of soccer.
    Did the war go on?
    It reminds me of a book named War Horse.

  5. Hey callum good story.
    Well done for getting a showcase!
    Were there all of the germans playing all the british at the same time?
    Gary 6th

  6. Greetings Callum.
    I really enjoyed this story.
    It reminds me of a trailer I saw for a game.
    Why did you go back fighting when the white means you give up?
    Great story and well done on the showcase.

  7. Well done Calum on writing such a good story.
    Were you playing in the match.? Did you score?
    Earlier on In the year I wrote a story quite similar to your story.
    By Bryan

  8. Hi Calum,
    I loved your story,
    The sad thing about the Christmas Truce was that at the end everyone had to go back to war again.
    You definitely deserved the showcase. Keep up the good work.
    I wonder if the rules back then were different to now in soccer. I also wonder what they used for goalposts.
    – Kayden

  9. Hi Calum, great story this week.
    I wonder why the war ended.
    That was understandable why they were missing their family.
    They must have had so much fun.
    Great story well deserved showcase.
    Shane C

  10. Hi Calum,
    This is a brilliant story.
    It reminds me of one of the World Wars.
    Was it eleven a-side?
    Sean M

  11. Hi Calum
    That was a really good story that I liked
    It was something we all should do because war is terrible
    It reminded me of a add I watched on T.V
    It got me thinking why did the Germans wave a white flag
    Congratulations on getting picked for a showcase
    Laurynas, Mrs Boyce class.

  12. Hi Callum I loved your story.
    Congratulations on getting showcased.
    It was sad they had to go back to war.
    Well done.
    David 5th.

  13. Hi Callum,
    I loved your historical piece of writing I loved it .
    This reminds me the Christmas add we saw on the black board in school just like yours.
    Please comment on my story it is called Jack and the giants, and well done.
    Your sincerely Julius.

  14. Hi Calum.
    Great story.
    Where all of the men killed in the war?
    This remindes me a bit of the boy in the striped pyjamas

  15. Hi Calum.
    I liked your story because I forgot about the truce in Christmas at war time.
    It reminded me of a ad which was about the Christmas truce but it had a chocolate developers.
    Were Germans good at soccer?
    Well Deserved Showcase.

  16. Hey Calum, good choice for a story! The Germans and the British people must’ve forgotten everything about that horrible war. I could picture all the joy and smiles. Great job!

    Adam H

    Auckland, New Zealand

  17. I have to say that I LOVE your story this week Calum – that truce during World War I is so famous and it was an inspired decision to base your story in that time this week. How wonderful that everyone forgot about way and fighting for those few hours. Keep up the excellent writing!

  18. Well done Calum.
    I love how you used this week’s prompt.
    What relief those few hours must have given the soldiers from the horrors of war!
    Super work

  19. Hi Calum
    I always think that you need a really strong image when you are writing so that you can paint that picture for your reader and, by choosing a well known event to write about, you have been very successful at this. It was refreshing to read about something happy and the event you write about must have been an incredible experience for those involved; the break from the horrific fighting.
    Miss T
    Stockbridge, Hampshire

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