Week 22 The flying fish by Ronan

Walking to school with my friend Dara was no fun. All he did was walk slowly. He did not do anything else except for when a pheasant flew past. I was told that the school bully Johnny Brown was having a rendezvous in the yard that day. I was not looking forward to what might happen after that.

The teacher read us a book about how things fly. I could not get that out of my head. So when I got home I went straight to the garage and got the big brown ladder. After that, I snatched the goldfish bowl, some wax and some feathers.

Slowly I climbed up the brown ladder on to the roof. I made wings for my fish and threw him off the roof…

4 thoughts on “Week 22 The flying fish by Ronan”

  1. Hello Ronan, your story is full of lots of interesting detail. I like the way you give us some insight into how you felt about the bully. Your final sentence comes as a surprise and I think it is good how you leave the reader in suspense, not knowing what really happened. I think maybe the goldfish was able to fly away. That would be really cool wouldn’t it?

  2. Hi Ronan,
    I hope he flew after you threw him off the roof and keep up the amazing work. Please comment on my story at bhttps://mrrussell.100wc.net/WK22:-Me-&-My-Mum’s-Birthday/

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class ?

  3. I liked allot the ending part when you sudenly
    wen you made wings to your fish and it would be better if you put at the end
    a cliffhanger and the its wen people say BUT WAT HAPEND NEXT but your work is very good
    Ive like it…………………………

    From Balbanuz

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