Week 22: Operation Goldfish By Liam O

One dark rainy night an American platoon for the 56th Infantry Division set up a base for Operation Goldfish.  Slowly but surely they might actually win so then they could take the evil Professor Straub to a prison on the Clipperton.

2 days later the operation started. The platoon plundered through the front door. When the professor heard he told his super soldiers to attack the intruders. As the two attackers met a great big battle occurred. After the battle, the victors were the Americans.  They marched to the top of the building but when they got to the laboratory the professor had escaped.

3 thoughts on “Week 22: Operation Goldfish By Liam O”

  1. Good work Liam.
    I knew just from reading the title of your story that it was going to be different and I wasn’t disappointed- Well done!
    I wonder what had the evil Professor Straub done?

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