Week 22: Tennis Finals by Paul

Nervous and excited, Penny waited to be called.

“Penny O Leary from Ireland versus Abel Brenden!” boomed the announcer.

Penny heard the roars of excitement because she swears that it raked her skin.

The crowds were suddenly quiet. Abel bounced the ball with a smug look on her face. Penny had never even seen Abel before but she wanted to smash that face.

Abel flung the ball without warning. Penny caught it with her racket. “Love 15 for Penny,” Now Penny wore the smug look.

After a grueling battle of stamina lasting two whole hours, it was finally the end. Penny launched the ball with all her strength.

“PENNY HAS WON!” screamed the announcer. The crowds cheered until they were hoarse.

Crying and laughing she took it all in. She had WON!

4 thoughts on “Week 22: Tennis Finals by Paul”

  1. Hi Paul
    I loved the story because it was about tennis which I love
    and it was so exciting.But probably very nervous for Penny.
    by Kacper

  2. This is a SUPER story Paul – I was ready to shout for Penny as I was reading! Your brilliant writing captured the atmosphere perfectly – Penny must have been delighted to have won. Keep up the awesome writing!

  3. Hi Paul
    What another superbly written 100wc from your class this week. My class are on holiday this week and I wonder if they would have been as imaginative as you have been. I love the way the story unfolded, with the score swapping from one to the other.
    Thank you for sharing your super writing this week,
    Miss T
    Stockbridge, Hampshire

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