Week 22. The fictonal character that came to life. By Paul

So one time me , Dylan and Ben were riding our bikes to the park. After we finished we went to the abandoned church. When we were on our way in we saw a doorbell and rang it to see if it worked still.

Once we entered we heard a maniacal laugh. WE screamed for what we saw. It was Pennywise. We ran to the door but Pennywise blocked the door. Then he pulled a lever and we fell through the floor and fell on a pile of red balloons.

Eventually, we saw a book called IT and it appeared that Pennywise jumped out of the book and killed the reader. Then Pennywise jumped down the hole. We threw the book at Pennywise and the book opened up and a bright light flashed at Pennywise sucking him in and it teleported us out of the church after getting Pennywise back in the book.