Week 22 The Wrong House By Ronan

One day as I was going to my friend Liam’s house I saw a huge for sale sign right in the middle of his front garden. I ran up and rang the dusty old doorbell but there was no answer. I was extremely confused.

A few seconds later I heard a ping from my back pocket. It was a text from Liam saying that he moved house. I followed his directions to a run-down house in the woods. I rang the crumbling wooden doorbell but all of a sudden the door swung open. I wandered in and scrutinized the old shabby furniture. I quickly realised that I’d wandered into the wrong house…

One thought on “Week 22 The Wrong House By Ronan”

  1. Lots of suspense and surprise in your story, Ronan. I like the phrase ‘crumbling wooden doorbell’. It goes so well with the ‘run-down house in the woods’. Woods are always scary in stories, aren’t they? I also like the way you ‘scrutinized the old shabby furniture’. That is an excellent description. Your story has a very neat ending. Obviously it was the wrong house!

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