Week 22 Yuck By Matthew D

“Oh no ” I cried as I saw the nurse come into the ward with a trolley in front of her. We have the same food for every single meal  – fish and chips and the vinegar was too sharp on the chips. It was ridiculous and it didn’t even trouble the nurse.

I thought these people were meant to cure you not poison you. I squirmed as I slowly placed a chip in my mouth. I said to the nurse ” Why are you giving us this horrible food?” Her reply was “Eat it or starve.” so I ate my chips but I didn’t enjoy them.

2 thoughts on “Week 22 Yuck By Matthew D”

  1. Hi Matthew,
    Well done on your 100WC. I liked the idea behind your story it was a creative take on it. I don’t think you would get fish and chips in hospital- that is wishful thinking! Have you read The Midnight Gang? Maybe the nurse’s intention was not to help!
    Keep up the great work,
    Ciara (Team 100)

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