Week 23: If I was the principal By Mathew O G

But what if I was in charge?… I thought in boring geography class.
I was day dreaming at the perfect time .
I was wondering what changes I would make if I was in charge.

I would probably make a gaming room with games such as Fortnite and FIFA 18.
Or I could make a trampoline park in one huge room.
I would love to be able to put a zoo in a vast amount of space.

20 years later I signed up for principal and made all those things happen.
The school was awarded best school in the whole entire world.

7 thoughts on “Week 23: If I was the principal By Mathew O G”

  1. I like your comments and words.Geography it’s’hard for you.
    My favourite ideas is the one with the zoo, well thats actually a good ideas because I love animals they are cute and kind but sometimes they are annoying. Cats and dogs are sometimes bad. Skunks are really smelly,very smelly. Do you like animals,I like them. I like dogs they are my favourite they are cute they are kind and they are playful.

    From Mary,

  2. I really like you’re paragraphs because they are neat. My favourite you’re idea is to play fIfa.

    From Vasiliki

  3. Hi Mathew,
    I loved your 100 words they made me laugh and do you know I like FIFA and Fortnite a lot well maybe not maybe you did not know but anyways you did a great job and I hope you had fun when you did it.

    FROM Roman

  4. Hi Mathew! I liked the creativity of your ‘if I was in charge post it was great and the adjectives are so amazing they match really well!

    from Sandra year4L IBSB

  5. Hi Mathew!
    I loved this revolution in school – a dream come true – as it is one of the favourite subjects my kids write about: wondering about a different way of learning, of sharing life at school, of recreating meaningful activities.
    Some beautiful changes are already taking place in many schools, all over the world, but one day, the children of today will be in charge – and then we know that, in whatever they’ll do, they will achieve the best “in the whole entire world”.
    Thank you for your contagious confidence.
    I’m teacher Ines, from Portugal (Team 100)

  6. Hi Matthew O G,

    One thing i really liked about your piece was that it was really visual and i could picture your piece. Did you know that Fortnite is my favorite game? One thing you can work on is maybe next time work on your writing format like yours was in stanzas. Also, you have 102 words instead of 100 so work on that a little next time too!’

    Happy Writing,
    From Mark in Illnois!

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