Week 23 : The Babysitter by Szymon

Another vase fell. I do not know how this happened?
Why did I have to get a babysitter?
Because I am ten, I could at least stay at my cousin’s house. This was the worst babysitter ever. I had her for a week and she had already broken three vases and four television. She breaks something if I do not listen to her and tells my parents that I broke it.

I tell them that she is lying and that I would never brake anything but they do not listen to me. I am banned from doing everything exciting and I hate her.

What if I was in charge?

3 thoughts on “Week 23 : The Babysitter by Szymon”

  1. Hi Szymon
    When I was reading this I felt that there was a much bigger story in your head as you were writing. Why was the babysitter so unkind? Would your parents ever find out the truth and is there a way that you could change things and be in charge? Sometimes it’s tricky to fit everything into just 100words isn’t it?

    Miss T
    Stockbridge, Hampshire

  2. Hi Szymon – I’m guessing that babysitter won’t last in her job for much longer if she continues breaking everything in sight. I’d say you’re far more responsible than that! However, I don’t think your parents would be too happy to leave their ten year old alone either!

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