Week 23: The Chocolate Factory By Sean

One day a factory was opened and it was a chocolate one and if you got a white ticket inside a bar you would be able to go inside. But there was a boy that was poor and he only had £2.  The bar was  £3.

He was walking one day and he saw a red ladder that had a £10 note under it.  He was very happy until he saw it sinking in the wet pavement so he ran and got it out.

He was very happy. He got the ticket.  And today he is the owner of the factory.

7 thoughts on “Week 23: The Chocolate Factory By Sean”

  1. Hi Sean,
    I really like the setting and the creativity keep up the god work.
    Emmanuel Ms.Brennocks 5th class.

  2. I really loved your story but it moved too fast and did not give much detail about the factory

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