Week 23 The game By :Tadhg


The coins sank into the water. There was no way of getting them out as the water was too deep and they were already sinking to the bottom. I knew I would never get my new game anyway.

Jungle Journey was too expensive to buy. Suddenly I saw it –  I saw the game just left on the pavement under the red ladder. I rushed towards it and grabbed it and went home to try the new awesome game.

I inserted the disc and grabbed my controller. I clicked into the game. It showed the names. I chose Wolf Stone because the name sounded cool. … Suddenly I wasn’t in my room anymore ..I was in the jungle…

One thought on “Week 23 The game By :Tadhg”

  1. Hi Tadhg. I loved the onomatopoeia at the start of your story.
    I was sure you were having some kind of mirage!
    The game sounds wonderful but I wonder who owned it?
    Good work.

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