Week 23 : The Robbery by Kacper

“We’re going. Come on don’t be a scaredy Cat. We have to go.”

We went to the bank. It was the big one. My friend had asked me to come with him and to take the guard’s suit.

“But what if was in charge of the diamonds?”
“Don’t be silly – they Will not let you guard the diamond.”

I went through the vents and sneaked down. I got the diamond and ran and ran. MY friend took the diamond and went in the car and left me behind!

I was arrested and I went to jail for 1 year.

3 thoughts on “Week 23 : The Robbery by Kacper”

  1. Great job responding to this week’s 100wc prompt Kacper. Your story was so sad… the main character’s friends abandoned him! I suppose that is the kind of friends who plan a bank robbery with you. You did a nice job developing your plot all the way to the sad ending.

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