Week 23: The Titanic by Liam A

“The unsinkable ship,” people said but they were wrong.

In 1912 a ship called the Titanic was having its first ride on the Atlantic Ocean. The captain of the Titanic wanted to get to America as fast as possible. Splitting the waves straight in half it was going nearly as fast as it could go.

3rd class was for the poor and then the 1st class was like a five-star hotel moving on the water.
All the other captains of nearby boats were telling the chief to slow down and that there were icebergs ahead.
CRASH the ship crashed and started sinking…

But what if I was in charge?…

3 thoughts on “Week 23: The Titanic by Liam A”

  1. Hello Liam, I also love making narratives out of historical events so I really enjoyed your story. It was good how you were able to give some of the historical picture and your conclusion was just great. I too, would love to know what you would have done if you were in charge.

  2. Hi Liam,
    I loved how you included a historical event in your piece. Did you know the Titanic is a very well known ship? I see you probably have interest in the Titanic, me too! How did you come up to write about the titanic? Overall, I loved your piece! Thanks for sharing! Come check out my blog at https://kidblog.org/class/rays-1718-pm-rockstars/posts?author=eyasn0q4fqw0jmtpe4410ka98&status=published&status=review&status=draft
    Happy Writing,
    Evie in Illinois

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