Week 23 Unlucky By Jack

It was a hot spring day and Pat was working on the tiles of a house.  After a while Pat decided to ask the owner of the house he was working on could he have a bottle of water.  The owner said yes and Pat set off to work again.  He climbed up his red ladder onto the roof and started working. Pat thought he forgot to pay the owner for the water so he hopped down off the ladder and ran to the front door and knocked.

” I’m so sorry,” he told the owner as he gave the owner the coins.

” It’s ok,” the owner said, “you didn’t need to pay me.”

“Oh my word -you are sinking into the pavement- I forgot to tell you it had just been set – now it’s ruined.  You are fired!” the owner screamed.

” I’m sorry…” Pat began but before he could finish his apology he was shoved out the door.  Pat just walked away sadly.