Week 23 :What If I was in charge? By Marc

One boring day my Mom and Dad were going out for their 21th anniversary. So I had a babysitter minding me, but it was a super duper boring baby sitter. After a long time she got bored of herself and fell asleep. She said at the end of the day she would give me a sweet if I was good.

But then I thought what if I was in charge? So suddenly I just turned evil .I broke her phone so she wouldn’t sing me a stupid song by looking at it. After a while she woke up and when my mom and dad came back she said “You don’t want to know what happened!”.

4 thoughts on “Week 23 :What If I was in charge? By Marc”

  1. Marc this really was quite an entertaining short story, I really was not expecting the second paragraph! I am not sure whether the baby sitter deserved having her phone broke but then again she needs to do her job properly. A very well put together short story.
    ~ Team 100 (Warwick, England)

  2. Hi Marc your story was great. I loved the part when your parents walked in and they said ” you don’t want to know what happen.” One things you can work on is making sure that your words make seance. One thing you did great at was using the promp. I hope you go and comment on my story. over all you did great. kidblog.org/class/rays-1718-pm-rockstars/posts/dstk6jhcvrtmdr3v626p8cifn

  3. Oh Marc! I don’t think I really want to know what happened next. I hope you got punished (and rightly so) for the way you treated your babysitter. Mind you, sounds to me like she didn’t do a very good job considering she fell asleep!

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