Week 24 Future life by Ewan

I was walking down the street in New York when suddenly there was a flash and the ground started to shake.

“Oh no,” I said then I was knocked out unconscious.

When I woke up I was covered in sand. I wiped the sand off me got up and looked around. There were no humans just animals and the ground was mostly soft sand with trees growing out of this. After that I got up and walked around. I then saw a giant hand sticking out the ground with what seemed to be a torch. So I ran over and looked – it was the top of the statue of Liberty

No, no , no I was in the future.

3 thoughts on “Week 24 Future life by Ewan”

  1. Hi Ewan,
    You’re hundred word was really good. My favourite bit was at the end of your hundred word challenge where you put no, no, no I was in the future! My advice for next time would be use an ING such as, Walking nervously, the ground, which was grey, mysteriously the ground started to shake!

  2. Very clever Ewan . I love the fact that the hand is of the Statue of Liberty. Interesting and well-written story. Esther

  3. Wow Ewan, I really wasn’t expecting that! I thought you had been transported to a desert somewhere. I wonder how far into the future you were? Can you imagine the Statue of Liberty being buried under sand? I wonder where all the humans disappeared to and why are there only animals there? I’d love to more. I wish this was a 500 wc!

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