Week 25 Bomb By Aidan

” BOOM” a huge bomb had dropped on the far side of the field. I sprinted over looking for Tom. I wasn’t going to let him die. I saw him lying in a pit of dirt and guns. I jumped off the black ash mound I was standing on and ran over. He was damaged. There was some kind of heavy object lying on top of him. “Tom, are you okay?” I shouted- he didn’t reply back. “Tom Tom TOM” I screamed barely hearing myself over the guns. I took out a banana and waved it over his nose -he still didn’t wake up. Then there was a ticking sound. I looked down and saw the object on top of Tom saying 5 Mississippi…

One thought on “Week 25 Bomb By Aidan”

  1. Loved your story this week, Aidan – Well done!
    I loved the tension you created throughout.
    I can only assume that there isn’t a happy ending.
    Good work.

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