Week 25, Lets get out, by Bryan

We were trapped in our prison cells for the past two years. We were the blue bandits. Our speciality was robbing houses But today we were going to break free from prison.

After dinner was free time. It was also going to be show time. The barrier was ready to put in the gap we made.

We were being told by the leader the order we will go in.

” Me last again why am I all ways last to do every thing” I asked.

The leader replied” You are the biggest and if you don’t fit then we will be in the clear.” And that is why I am all ways last.

2 thoughts on “Week 25, Lets get out, by Bryan”

  1. Hi Bryan
    What an unusual use of the prompt, I really like your creativity. I can see from the way you have written this that you have a really clear picture of the characters and events in your head.
    Miss T
    Stockbridge, Hampshire

  2. Greats Story! Your story was very creative and liked the plot of it. Keep up the good work!


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