Week 26 by Jacob The rebellion

My friend and I were reading a history book when we came upon a story about a rebellion…

It was about a time when a rebel leader grew great and powerful. The leader wanted more power and decided to raid a big and vast castle. The king was surprised when he saw a giant army heading towards him. He called the wizard and asked him to make a spell to freeze them. The wizard agreed and he forged a spell. He gave it to the king and he threw it at the leader.  He froze and his men were as still as a tree.

“That was a good story! “said my friend.

One thought on “Week 26 by Jacob The rebellion”

  1. I really liked your story, Jacob – Well done.
    I’m glad the wizard was able to forge up a spell to stop the leader and his army.
    Glad you could do the 100-word challenge this week.
    Keep up the great work.

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