Week 26: Malicious Mathew By Naglis

“Aha I’m finally finished” I sighed. I just needed to pop into the store for some batteries to start it up. I skipped joyfully to the shop and darted back home excitedly.

Meanwhile Mathew (my little brother) was at home and “accidentally” dropped my precious invention which I had worked on. I galloped into the room with exhaustion and realised it had broken.


I was so cross that I gritted my teeth and clenched my fists tightly together. My bright pink lip started quivering up and down. I was fizzing like a freshly poured cup of lemonade.


4 thoughts on “Week 26: Malicious Mathew By Naglis”

  1. Dear Naglis,

    This is an excellent story and you should be proud!

    Great points:
    – You make great use of punctuation!
    – You use imaginative adjectives, alliteration, and simile.
    – You have written a suspenseful ending.

    Well done!

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