Week 26: No point of trying by Marc

“This is Hopeless” I was saying to myself.

I was in jail for trying to stop a robber from robbing the bank. But the guards thought it was me. I was supposed to be in jail for a year, but I was only in jail for a tiny bit.

I was let out of jail because a woman was on the street when it happened. She said that boy is innocent and she showed a picture of the robber. She said that this man was caught single handly stealing the shiny yellow gold.

The food in jail was thinner than the word thin.

But thanks to that nice lady I’m out of jail.

4 thoughts on “Week 26: No point of trying by Marc”

  1. Hi Marc. I’m so glad you got out of jail – thanks to that witness who came forward. It must be awful to be wrongly accused of a crime. Even worse – that food! I’d never survive….

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