Week 26, Not My Day, by Mikolaj

I was at my friend’s house and he got the game I wanted all my life. It was his birthday too and he got loads of money from his family. He even had his Confirmation the next day. That game was for one player. There were so many people at his house so it would take a long time to take turns.

Sadly I was in the bathroom when they were picking who should be first. I came back and I asked ” am I first?”  They answered that I was last and I was very mad. One game is thirty minutes long so it would take a long time for my turn. It was only the second game and my Mom said that we were going home. I was so cross that I could have exploded.

4 thoughts on “Week 26, Not My Day, by Mikolaj”

  1. This was very nicely written you inspired me also, I have anger problems and i usually get in trouble fro breaking stuff i will try writing what i am made about it instead. thank you

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