Week 26 School Fight By Jack

It was a Monday and as usual it was a bad Monday but it wasn’t bad just because it was the start of the school  week- on  this special day there was a fight.

It started during Irish class.  Jerry started making fun of Tom but Tom was sick of it so at break time Tom started throwing punches.  Of course we were a class boys and nobody was helping Tom nor Jerry – we all just gathered around and started chanting fight , fight , fight.

After 2 minutes of them fighting still no teacher came so I decided to break it up because Jerry looked like he had a broken nose and Tom had a big bruise on his chin.  I told my friend to hold Tom and I’d hold Jerry so my friend went behind Tom and caught his two wrists and got him to the ground.  I did the same but when I was trying to get him down he tripped me, twisted around and punched me in the ribs as I was falling.

As I got up  I think Jerry saw the look in my eye because he started saying sorry really quickly but I was so cross that  I gave him a bruise on the chin.

6 thoughts on “Week 26 School Fight By Jack”

  1. dear jack,
    hi, I really liked your piece. i liked that it had a lot of action, i always skip a few chapters if it is too boring. the only thing is you had too many words and i don’t get where the teacher is, otherwise it would be a winner!

  2. Good story but you could have added a little more detail.I know that is hard because it can only be 100 words but overall I really enjoyed this story.

  3. Wow, Jack! Your story was very intense and suspenseful. I would like to point out, though, that you 100-word challenge is 209 words long.
    Keep up the good work!

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