Week 26 Statues in Memory By Liam O

It was a very stormy night, winds howling and 57 men were on their way to back to HeadQuarters on a boat when a huge wave smashed against the heavy yacht. The boat shook from left to right before regaining its balance. But just as everyone thought it was ok, the engine went bust and caused the ship to go faster. The captain tried to stop it but it would not work.

“ROCK!” one of the men shouted. Everyone went into a panic and were running around everywhere. Then BANG everything went silent… the ship crashed…

3 months later their bodies were found lying on the beach.

These statues were built-in memory of the men that died on that day…



One thought on “Week 26 Statues in Memory By Liam O”

  1. A great story Liam. Well done!
    Glad to see you back doing the 100WC – I so look forward to your stories!
    Keep up the great work.

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