Week 26 The attack by Colin

I watched from the opera house as the soldiers attacked. They had been trying to break in for 12 hours. At the moment they had retreated back across the river but I was sure they’d be back. I walked over to my friend who was at a different window.

Suddenly before I could talk to him, a bomb smashed through the roof. I turned around to see that the soldiers on our side had erupted into a panic. The bomb had a timer on it and I could see that the mechanics were trying to dismantle it. I rushed down the steps and sprinted to the bomb.

Suddenly I heard a click…

One thought on “Week 26 The attack by Colin”

  1. Hi Colin,
    I loved what you did with the prompt.
    I can see why they were in a panic!
    I’m hoping someone had time to dismantle it.
    Great work.

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