Week 26 The Figure War By Evan

The sky was as blue as the ocean as myself and my family arrived at the Legoland Windsor Resort. I was delighted to have a holiday and a few weeks away from the books. We explored the park. The rides were huge and colourful. The afternoon came and we decided to visit the famous statue area. To me, all the statues looked the same.

Until … one of them started to talk and move. The statue man started to chase me with a water gun around the area. My family was laughing at me but I felt embarrassed. I won’t be forgetting that day anytime soon.

When I’m older this will be a story I’ll tell my kids and grandkids.

One thought on “Week 26 The Figure War By Evan”

  1. I really liked your story this week Evan – well done!
    I can see why your family was laughing at you!
    Definitely a good story to be passing on to your kids!

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