Week 26, The New Inmate by Tim

I was going back to my cell when I saw a short man in my cell. One of the guards said that it was my new inmate and his name was Tom. Tom was standing in the corner complaining that he was innocent. He was whimpering to guards that he didn’t belong there.

I walked over to the bars and I explained about my escape plan to the prisoners across the cell. I went to finish digging the tunnel I’ve been digging. I told Tom to distract the guards.

But Tom snitched and I was caught. Later I was sent to a maximum security prison in Washington. I was so cross that I kicked the bars of my cell.

4 thoughts on “Week 26, The New Inmate by Tim”

  1. Hi Tim! I really liked your story because of the detail you put in, I could really picture the story in my mind! Your story reminds me of a movie I watched because they all had a part to play in breaking out of jail and if someone messes up they all get caught. One thing that I think you could do better is, having the two characters talk with each other for example, I could hear Tom’s laugh as the guards dragged me to my new cell. Keep on writing!


  2. Hello there, Tim! I loved how you made us think that Tom probably wanted to escape, yet he snitched!
    This reminds me of a breakout or a escape room, because there are obstacles to overcome and Tom was that obstacle, and you were trying to escape! I really liked the story line you came up with! Maybe you could find a way to make a part 2 of this in another promp! I would love to read it!

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