Week 26: Torpedo ! By Dan

“Torpedo!” Shouted the thin steward.

I ran for my dear life to a lifeboat. I looked around to see a shiny scope submerge under the water. I wasn’t first in the lifeboat but at least I wasn’t last.

Suddenly white smoke rose from the ship. I was scared as I could see no other rescue boat until a steamer appeared with yellow funnels. It was a tiny one compared to our ship.

The situation had seemed hopeless until now…

3 thoughts on “Week 26: Torpedo ! By Dan”

  1. As I’m reading your story I’m thinking of how those who made it onto the lifeboats of the Titanic must have felt…the hopelessness at the sinking of their ship and then the relief when they saw the rescue ship arriving.
    Well done Dan – Good work.

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