Week 26 What a comeback By Danny

It was 5.45 pm and my team Mighty Boys were playing our all-time rivals Cod Boys in the Division one final. By halftime, they were annihilating us and the score was 5-1 to the other team.

Our manager felt the situation was hopeless at halftime as we were loosing by 4 goals but suddenly he cheered us up and we ran out on to the pitch wearing our yellow shiny kit.

Our captain Tiny Thin Tom started the second half and in minutes we had pulled the score back to 5-4 and we were only losing by one goal now.

Immediately after I scored two goals and we had won the division one Final.

3 thoughts on “Week 26 What a comeback By Danny”

  1. Great story Danny
    I liked the ambitious phrases you used.
    And you described the story incredibly well.
    Remember to put a comma after a sentence opener.
    Overall it was a good story.

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