Week 27: Just a nightmare by Marc

“I want that crown,” the wicked wizard shouted at John and Tom.

A bomb was about to hit London that night.  “If you get me that crown I will put a shield around London to protect it from the bomb,” the wizard promised.

So they went to the palace – they had to pay £50  each. When they got in they used a drain pipe to get to the crown. They took the crown.

Suddenly an alarm went off and they had to hide quickly. They went through the pipe and through the hall. Although they ran quickly they were still not making any progress. Then a siren went off for the bomb.It was about to hit them …

…but then I woke up.

3 thoughts on “Week 27: Just a nightmare by Marc”

  1. I absolutely loved reading this story up until the very end. The part ‘then I woke up’ is just too commonly used and I know from reading your previous stories that you can do better. However I love the involvement of non-humans. I also love how you gave an exact name to the place that the story is set in. And I love how I know by reading this story that you put loads of effort into it. Well done, I hope you keep it up,
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