Week 27 No soap and a car crash by Adam

We were preparing for lockdown and it was a terrible time. My mom went to the shop and when she came home she had barely anything – people were bulk buying.

My older sister said “Was this the only bottle of soap there? ”

Mom replied, “Yes, sadly.”

We were stuck at home with barely any soap and cleaning stuff. The next day she went to the shop again and she went early to try and get more and this time she came back with more but she told us that she saw a car crash! She called the guards and ambulance and everyone was fine thankfully.

One thought on “Week 27 No soap and a car crash by Adam”

  1. I enjoyed reading your story Adam – well done!
    These are strange times – no soap – queueing to get into shops …etc
    It’s eggs and flour I’m finding it difficult to get. I think everyone is baking!

    I hope you and your family are keeping well.

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