Week 27 The 2 dogs by Kacper

CRASH! Mum is now going to be mad.

One wonderful sunny day when I was walking home I found a dog. I named her Lucy. I fed her and I played with her and on Saturday night she had babies. They were both males so I named them Harry and Garry. I asked my Mum if we could keep them. She said, ” fine but you have to train them.”

On the next day they ran so fast but although they ran quickly they still were not making enough progress –  crash, oh no Mum is going to be mad  – they broke her new vase.

4 thoughts on “Week 27 The 2 dogs by Kacper”

  1. Kacper,
    Yikes! Harry and Garry certainly had good luck and bad luck. Good that they were cared for and trained by the narrator, but bad that they destroyed the vase. Keep writing.
    Mrs. G., Team 100, Guilderland, NY, USA

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