Week 27 The cows down my lane By Jacob

Every day I walk my dog, Teddy, for about 30 minutes. Some days it’s rainy some days it is sunny but one thing was always the same.
After sprinting past the last house on the left (there was always an angry and upset dog), there was a field with two big fat cows. One had marks on its back in the shape of a diamond, the other’s marks were like a book. They were there every day except today.

There was a farmer in the field and he shouted out to me “Excuse me, have you seen any cows today? I seem to have lost mine.”
Just then the angry dog started yelping. I looked over and saw the two cows chasing the dog round his garden.

”I found your cows!” I shouted at the farmer and giggled as he chased them around the garden.

One thought on “Week 27 The cows down my lane By Jacob”

  1. Another great story – Well done Jacob.
    It was lovely to read a light-hearted funny story in these strange times.

    I hope you are all keeping well.

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